In Our Community

Biblical Counseling – Our pastors are always available for practical, biblical counseling for individuals or families who are wrestling with the challenges of modern life.

Nursing Home Ministry – Seeking to bring joy to the residents of Millennium Nursing Home through singing and fellowship on the first Sunday of each month at 3:30 pm.

In Our World

Baptist Bible Hour (BBH) – An international radio ministry that we help support, under the direction of Elder Lasserre Bradley, Jr., of Cincinnati, OH, broadcasting on about 85 radio outlets in the United States and in Asia, including both a weekend and a weekday program.  The BBH has been broadcasting God’s Word for over 55 years and can be heard each Sunday at 9:30 am on WVNN 770 am or 92.5 fm.  For more information on this radio program go to baptistbiblehour.org

Evangelists – We currently help support evangelistic efforts for ministers that make frequent trips to preach the word in India, Africa, and Russia.

Good Samaritan – The ministry of pastor A. Gunasekaran in Tamil Nadu, India.  Several from Heritage sponsor children living in orphanages under his care.  Pastor Gunasekaran has been used of God to plant 13 congregations, care for some 200 children in four orphanages, start 16 tuition centers and a community health clinic, notwithstanding  the pastoral care of churches.